Play Vimgolf with Helix Editor

set meaning to keystrokes

1 min readApr 22, 2024

Helix is a Vim-like modal text editor. It is possible to play/practice Vimgolf games with Helix as well.

Because Helix operates on selection, the usual golf steps are:

  • move into place
  • make selection
  • take action

So in some cases, Helix seems to require an extra “selection” step than Vim. However, when motion and selection steps can’t be combined, Helix is more consistent conceptually.

1. simply insert text (vim golf link)

6G x yp 
3h <ctrl-a>
2l c 11
2k o <enter>
New text.

2. add quotes (vim golf link)

Q ta w ms" Q
2G q
3G q

3. leave the middle (vim golf link)

x x x d
% <alt-d>

4. Words in parens (vim golf link)

e ms( ww ms(
2G w ms(

5. Switch variables (vim golf link)

ww v 2w S \, alt-(




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